We bring you the know-how, the guidance and the supporting platforms to create a remarkable and empowering festival:

Taly Weiss is an innovation facilitator and researcher.  She is a Social Psychologist (PhD) and founder of TrendsSpotting innovation agency. She works with Innovation managers, HRs, Strategy and Marketing teams to identify innovation trends, and to provide solutions that help implement innovation in the organization (e.g: Merck, Nokia, Microsoft, Kensignton, Intel). Taly’s academic work relates to Behavioral Economics and Decision Making. She enjoys working with creators and feels fulfiled in innovative environments.

Erez Levine is a musician. He performs and produces music and culture events in variety of formats: Company workshops, festivals, outdoor training and social interactions. His prime target is to inspire the audience to express themselves and take active part in the show. Erez believes that the way to change the world lies in the way we create and interact.

Erez and Taly are initiating an annual community festival in their home town, with thousands participants, and dozens of motivated creators. 

The team: The facilitation team comprises artists and project managers to help build a journey with fruits that can be felt in the long term. We work with film makers to guide teams on documentation, musicians to aid initiate small bands, art performers, rhetoric trainers /story tellers to aid speakers create a powerful speech on their chosen subject.

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