Innovation. Collaboration. Creative Culture.

“For implementing innovation in the organization, individuals are encouraged to think independently and creatively, and share their personal knowledge with others, across the organization. Organizational innovation requires a culture of innovation that seeks and supports new ideas and new ways of “doing business” while putting efforts on optimal execution and effective teamwork” (Organizational Innovation Report: Implementing Innovation in Organizations-  Research Review and Case Studies ,TrendsSpotting Trends & Innovation Research May 2016)

What better way can you promote innovation, create a strong feeling of “belonginess” train for entrepreneurship and effective collaboration and introduce the cultural atmosphere you are seeking to encourage?

‘Festival at Work’ empowers employees to expose talents that were not yet discovered and to self-initiate across teams towards mutual targets. It motivates them to work together, effectively collaborate and gain new skills, meet new people, make new friendships, promote self-initiated targets, while simply have fun together. It is a new meaningful setting to create an organizational community that can reach successful outcomes, where everyone can benefit.  

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